Listening to I’m Not Alright Will Make You Alright

Listening to I’m Not Alright Will Make You Alright1

Listening to I’m Not Alright Will Make You Alright – Almost all of the people in the world have problems in their life and those problems can make them feel bad about life. It is perfectly all right about it and getting closer to Jesus will make you alright again. To get on your feet again, you need to listen to I’m Not Alright by Sanctus Real and believe that He will free you from your problem.
– I’m Not Alright by Sanctus Real
Christian music doesn’t always need to be grand boring because you can also enjoy rock music to deliver your praise and faith to Him, and that’s why Sanctus Real focuses on this genre. They have made lots of Christian rock songs that are enjoyable to listen to by youngsters and help you worship Him more.

One of their most famous songs is I’m Not Alright that was released in 2006. This song is one of the tracks in their album entitled The Face of Love. Due to its popularity, the song got number 1 in Christian radio and it was nominated for Rock Recorded Song of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards.

The Meaning Behind I’m Not Alright
Lots of people are very curious about the meaning of this famous song and how it can resonate well with their current situations. Actually the song was first named I’m fine, but during the recording, the band members got lots of problems on their mind and they wanted to say that they are not alright, but playing Live Casino will make you alright.

Listening to I’m Not Alright Will Make You Alright

Then, they went all out with what they wanted to say and they planned not to hide all of them. They didn’t really care about anything and they wanted to show to the world that they are not alright, and you don’t want to be like them. That was how they made the lyrics and the music of the song, and they named it I’m Not Alright. The lyrics show their devastation and how God helps them through it, and it makes lots of people feel the same as they do.
The song tells you that it is alright not to feel alright and you don’t need to hide it. Just remember that he will always be there and embrace you.