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  May 5, 2008   

Monthly Christian/Inspirational book drawing

Book for May drawing:
The Seamless Gospels by Charles Roller

This timeless story has been reorganized to follow the events of Jesus and HIs followers, as they were experienced, in chronologivcal order. Adapted from the King James Version, the fabric of the gospels has been rewoven into an easy-to-read narrative that presents the story of Christ and His apostles in sequential order to provide new insights about His life and times.!

For complete drawing rules and to enter - CLICK HERE.

Congratulations to last month's winner - Lyli C. from San Antonio, TX!

 Bible Nugget - Featured Article

 The Path of Happiness
 by Joanne Lowe

Have you ever looked at a map while you were on a trip and tried to decide which road you should take to get to where you wanted to go? If you chose the wrong road, you were lost and you had to turn around and go back to the right road. The same is true with our lives. Many times we...

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A heartwarming flash presentation featuring the poetry of A.W. Trujillo.

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