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I Know How You Feel

I know the plans I have for you,
to give you a future and a hope.

But first, know this:

I Know How You Feel
(for Christian singles)

You say...

I don't have money.

Neither do I. My children spend money how they see fit, not for whence I gave it.

But to the extent in which you report for duty concerning your need, I will give the step of faith required to meet that need.

I don't have a mate.

I am missing brides, those that would give their full devotion to me in stead of marrying their leaders, their own opinions, or even popular rule.

But, I did hope you would realize that you never 'needed' a man in the role of a husband, as I am your husband; two is, still, better than one.

I don't have my own children.

My church casts out my children, the ones who truly follow me; and you know what they did to my Son.

But as I look to protect your children, you could look to protect mine.

I don't have respect.

People do not respect my thoughts either. Maybe you could be the exception?

You could respect me and I could bless you.

I don't have honor.

Some give my honor to preachers; others to their work, friends, or possessions.

But, if you will honor me, I will honor you.

I don't have sex.

However often two or more are gathered together, in my name, I am there and our spirits unite; I in them and thou in me.

But, do you realize how seldom that happens? And so, we are in the same boat.

I don't have vacations.

There is nothing I desire more than having an intimate, personal, moment by moment, one on one, relationship with you.

Come to me and we can rest in love, together.

I don't have supplies.

It sure would be nice to have more serving in my Kingdom. But, you know, I provide for everything I call you to. You may not always have convenience, but what I call you to, for this day, is covered.

If you've been thinking, so have I. Perhaps, if we just walked together, neither one of us would have to feel this way, any more.

Love, God

Sufferings help prepare us for the purpose of our creation. They equip us to see the needs of others, and give us the passion and courage to do whatever it takes to make a difference. Our trials turn to testimonies, our weakness to strength, and (as often as we hear a battle cry) we delight in reporting for duty.

© 2008 by Joyce C. Lock

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

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