Contemplation as Good Way of Praying

Contemplation as Good Way of PrayingOra et labora. That is the Latin proverb that is so famous and this is so familiar for Christians. Christians are so closely related to prayers and there are many kinds of prayers. Related to the proverb, it can be translated into ôpray and workö. This becomes a famous proverb, but it does not mean that people will literally pray while working. It is more about bringing spirit of prayer in daily life. It is about remembering God in all things that people do in daily life. Related to this, there is a prayer called contemplation in action. This is famous especially for people in the monastery. They spend their daily life in the monastery and they have daily routine of prayer. There are many prayers to do during the daily activities.

For the life in monastery, they are so familiar with contemplation. It is like meditation, but it is more active compared to the meditation. This kind of prayer is more about being silence and try to reflect things related to the God or Bible. There are many things to reflect and these are connected to the daily life. What they do in the daily life will be connected in the reflection. These are to find the meaning of what they do and try to understand what God says in the activity. This is totally important for the people in the monastery.

Commonly, these are done in combination with music of Taize. This kind of music is getting more popular since it is effective to bring people deeper in the state of meditating. This is so popular and even people outside the monastery start to do it. There are many communities make some kinds of activities related to the meditation and contemplation and this is in combination of Taize music. This will be great things to do and this is worth to try.