Importance of Songs for Christians

For Christian, prayer cannot be separated from songs. In worships, Eucharist, and other events, songs and prayers share important roles. That is why songs cannot be easily separated from Christian life. In this case, even old proverbs say that singing works better than praying. This is famous proverb for Christians showing that singing songs are important and this cannot be separated from liturgy. In this case, of course there are many kinds of great benefits that make songs are also loved by Christians.

Firstly, songs make people relaxed. In some ways, people can also be more focus with the songs. That is why songs are used in many kinds of prayer. This is also why songs are used in meditation and contemplation. These two habits of prayers always have songs since these are helpful to make people get relaxed. They later can pray well and they can also meditate and contemplate easier. In a liturgy, songs are also important. In some ways, songs can say and deliver gratitude. Songs can be more effective than prayers in some chances since the songs involves emotion and people’s emotion can be easily carried away as the songs sung in the prayer. Sometimes, songs are also able to create moods, such as songs in the period of Lent. The songs have sad emotion and this is helpful to make people able to contemplate the sadness and sacrifices made by Christ for salvation of humans.

Importance of Songs for ChristiansThen, songs can also make people feel as a unity. When the songs are sung in the worship or Eucharist, all of the people singing the songs can be united in the songs and they can pray well. These are great to experiences. Moreover, songs are also the good way to make people open their God to the God’s grace. These can be seen from some of Christians who use songs to feel and receive the Holy Spirit. Some of the people who sing can get graces to experiences Holy Spirit coming to them.