Some Interesting Things About Lent and Easter

Some Interesting Things About Lent and EasterFor Christians, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ become the core of faith. His sacrifice brings salvation for every human who believe in him. That is why this sacred events are celebrated and these becomes so important in the liturgy. That is why Christians have Easter or Passover as the celebration of Jesus who have won against the death and he could raise from the death. Easter becomes the main celebration for Christians. Before the Easter, there is period of Lent as the preparation for the Christians to welcome Jesus’s resurrection and winning against the death.

It is true that Easter or Passover becomes the special events for Christians. In this event, people commemorate special events that become the event of salvation. This is the moment when God sacrificed his only Son to redeem human’s sins. This salvation happened once for all eternity and this salvation is for people who believe in him. That is why this becomes so important. During the period of Lent, people are fasting as what the people in the Old Testament did. Christians take this opportunity to share the sadness and suffering that Jesus Christ had to experience for the redemption and salvation of human. By the period of Lent, people take part in his suffering, death, and resurrection.

There are many things to do during the period of Lent. There are 40 days and mostly people take fasting as the main things to do. Then, there are also charity actions done for people who are in need. This is very common to do since Christians do not only want to feel the good life, but they also want to share the good life to the unfortunate people, especially in the special moment of Lent. There are also communal prayers in certain community or group of Christians. All of these activities are to make Christian able to take part in Christ’s salvation.